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GD | Inspires - Insighting great design for brands all over the world across numerous markets including Sports, Leisure, Retail, Automotive and Luxury Alcohol. My focus is on creating client value through building commercially and emotively successful brands, I also write an award-winning strategy and brand blog and a prominent whisky blog.


GD | Inspired:

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Having worked on client projects in 12 countries across over 60 brands in sectors including retail, sport, luxury, leisure, automotive and FMCG such as alcohol, food and consumer electronics, we know what we're doing...

An intro to me

Introducing Greg

A freelance brand strategist, writer and whisky ambassador.

An intro to me

Introducing Greg

The ideas one

Greg Dillon
founder, strategy consultant, award winning blogger

My speciality is, in essence, looking for what makes a brand human (emotional connection) and building that into something that makes profit (rational being).

A globally experienced strategist experience working with household and niche brands across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. My focus is on consumer understanding, experience and engagement on and offline within the consumer packaged goods, finance, retail and leisure sectors with clients including Arsenal Football Club, Ann Summers, Bacardi, Beam, Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky, Grey Goose, Harry Ramsden’s, Honeywell, Kininvie Whisky,Nokia, Nordea, Teacher’s Whisky and The Rank Group (see the GD | Inspired section for a few more).

As well as being a freelance strategist, I am also a prolific blogger, speaker and whisky ambassador with being the home of my whisky writing, product reviews and sector thoughtpieces. I’m always available to write for brands, help with social media strategies or to review products / experiences.

I am one of those very fortunate people who loves what I do and has an unrivalled passion for winning pitches and delivering great results for my clients – be they client side or agency partners.


GD | Philosophy

How GD | Inspires

In essence, we create commercially successful brands through thoughtful, strategically-led design solutions built from the end customer up.

GD | Philosophy

How GD | Inspires

Design is a business tool.

Strategic design sells product & builds brand.


The GD | Inspires Brand Belief System…

We believe in great storytelling, expressing brands through the power of both the visual and the narrative.

We believe it is important to keep in mind – with all client projects – that brands need nurturing in order to live and grow to their full potential.

We believe that to be continually successful, brands must develop a clear strategy that feeds into innovative design.


The GD | Inspires process…
To know. To imagine. To realise.

To know.

  • Brand audit
  • Second opinion
  • Customer research
  • Positioning
  • Values
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitor brandscape
  • Opportunity analysis

To imagine.

  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Brand narratives
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice
  • Social media guidelines

Our final stage in the process is To Realise. where we take the great strategic and design work we have built and activate it internally and externally through…

To Realise.

  • Customer engagement
  • Culture & change
  • Marketing strategy
  • Logo design
  • Adcepts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Comms strategy
  • Staff training


The GD | Inspires commitment to your brand

Here at GD | Inspires – we take the time to understand you, to understand those around you & to understand your customers’ inner thought process to build interesting and commercially viable brand strategies for you, then work with you to implement any changes through design, training and stakeholder engagement.

This is achieved by asking insight-unearthing questions and using my proprietary strategic tools and frameworks to get to the true essence of your brand, to understand where the opportunities lie and to bring clarity and meaning to your brand whilst you focus on making, creating and selling the products and services that you are already (or about to be) famous for.


Greg Dillon has an astute sense of marketing and brand strategy, and a knack for finding insightful solutions to challenges facing brands through his ability to relate to consumers and the brands that they interact with.
AH, head of marketing for a high street retailer in the UK
Greg has worked with me and Heavenly on a number of projects. He is calm, considered and intelligent, and inspires confidence in clients. He is adaptable and creative, and has brought new ideas and ways of doing things to the table – helping to keep our approach fresh and relevant.
MF, Strategy Director at Heavenly Group

Award-winning blogs

The Strat-Talking blog

Read the latest and greatest from GD | Inspires over at and, PR, Marketing, Media & Comms Blog of the Year 2014.

Award-winning blogs

The Strat-Talking blog

The GD | Inspires blog, Marketing, PR, Media & Comms Blog of the Year 2014, complete with thoughtpieces, commentary on the world of branding and empowerment for consultants living and working in the creative services industry is located over at …

201404 - - Your freelance career coach - To Know. To Act.In addition to Strat-Talking, Greg also writes, a whisky blog aimed at demystifying the world of whisky and making it more understandable for both connoisseurs and newbies.

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Contact / Hire GD | Inspires

Come. Drop me a line. Follow me.

Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you...

Contact / Hire GD | Inspires

Come. Drop me a line. Follow me.


Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Drop me a line with any comments, queries or even if you have a project or two you want to discuss with me…

I’m always keen to partner with clients new and old to work together to build commercially successful brands that are built to connect with trade and consumers on an emotional level.

The kinds of content and consulting projects I typically work on with brands big and small:

    • Global repositioning / positioning alignment
    • Naming
    • Shopper marketing
    • Packaging strategy
    • Communications strategy
    • Portfolio / brand architecture
    • Insight identification
    • Internal training and engagement
    • Social media strategy
    • Content creation
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Interviews
    • Press Trips
    • Product Reviews


GD | Writes

A snapshot of our brand thinking

A snapshot of our brand thinking, selected posts from our main blog,

Interbrand’s 15th annual Top 100 Best Global Brands table is out

Since 2000, Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy, has made the commercial success of brands a core part of what they do. There are incredible complexities that go into valuing a brand that I will not go into here but with the release of their 15th annual Top 100 Best Global Brands report we get a renewed sense of what it means to drive brand value through connecting with consumers and their needs. No surprise really that Apple ranks number one, beating Google and Coca-Cola who make up the top three. The iProducts are ubiquitous in our lives and many of us would find it hard to switch from iPhone as it connects so well and intuitively to our working and personal digital ecosystems. But what this does say is that despite some rocky investor confidence and a continued lack of a renewed ‘wow’ product we came to expect from the Steve Jobs era, the average consumer cares more about being seen to own and accessorise Apple products than the myriad of cheaper, albeit arguably superior products as it simply has desirability even if there is virtually no exclusivity nowadays. Interestingly enough, there are five British brands in the Top 100 this year which is great to see from a personal perspective, and heralds our increased dominance in the field of consumer engagement. HSBC ranks the highest of the British brands, placed 33 on the list valued at $13.1billion, followed by:
  • Burberry ranked number 73 worth $5.6billion Johnnie Walker ranked number86 worth $4.8billion Smirnoff ranked number 90 worth $4.6billion and Land Rover ranked number91 worth $4.5billion (new entry to the Top 100 Best Global Brands)
The five top risers are quite interesting:
  • Amazon, ranked number 15, increasing in brand value by 25% to $29.5billion Facebook, ranked number 29, increasing in brand value by 86% to $14.3billion BMW, ranked number 31, increasing in brand value by 23% to $13.7billion Audi, ranked number 45, increasing in brand value by 27% to $9.8billion and Nissan, ranked number 56, increasing in brand value by 23% to $7.6billion
Not shocked about Facebook but three of the top five risers being car brands signals to me that consumers moving through the other side of the global recession are looking to increase their status in society and trade up to making higher ticket purchases again. Overall, when you look at Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands you can see that the ones that have gained in brand value have either always been ruthlessly customer focussed or have renewed their focus in recent times to put the customer first. Great to see and a sign that the brand strategists out there, myself included, are doing their job right and steering brands towards experience-centric deliveries of their brand promises vs. the product-first approach of yesteryear. See the full list and explore what it means for each of the Top 100 Best Global Brands here Disclosure: I am currently an Associate Director of Brand Strategy with Interbrand, but all views are my own.
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Not to brag, but things are going well...





Greg shortlisted for the prestigious IWSC Communicator of the Year 2015 award

communicator of the year

January shortlisted for Blog of the Year 2015 in two categories – Food & Drink and Lifestyle

Strat-Talking shortlisted for PR, Marketing and Comms Blog of the Year 2015




Finalist in IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed)’s search for ‘exceptional minds’ from within the swelling 4.6 million self employed people in the UK. Got to the final 15 from thousands.


Runner up in the UK Social Media Awards for best business blog.


WINNER! Strat-Talking named PR, Marketing and Comms Blog of the Year 2014 in the UK Blog Awards.

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